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We’re all looking to Raise Our Revenue, whether we’re considering our personal career moves and examining how to increase earning potential, or we’re figuring out how best to hire and develop revenue-generating team members to help accelerate company revenue growth. That’s why we convene here – to talk about the ways job seekers, company executives, and hiring managers can each successfully impact revenue generation.

19 March-2020

Ep. 12 – Sales & Marketing, Not Sales vs. Marketing

Salespeople and marketing people aren’t in the same department or discipline, but they absolutely must work together. In this episode, Will and George discuss why the two teams don’t always collaborate and why they should.

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27 February-2020

Ep. 11 – The Need for Speed in the Hiring Process

Some studies say the hiring process takes an average of 23 business days. In this episode, Will and George talk about why the long job process has some employers losing out.

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6 February-2020

Ep. 10 – Steps to a Successful Interview

Interviewing with a company can feel stressful for many of us. In this episode, we share some of the steps and work that goes into a successful job interview.

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15 January-2020

Ep. 9 – How External Recruiters Can Save Your Company Time – and Money 

Why hire an external recruiter when you can go find candidates yourself? In this episode, Will and George talk about this frequently asked question.

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19 December-2019

Ep. 8 – How Job Seekers and Hiring Managers End up on Santa’s “Naughty” List

This time of year, we’re making our gift lists for Santa (well, our children are, anyway!) and that got us thinking about the “naughty” list. As recruiters, we see a lot of people failing in one critical area — one that means you’ll get a lump of coal in your stocking.

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26 November-2019

Ep. 7 – Winning the Talent War with the Right Offer

The job market is in candidates’ favor right now, making hiring someone tricky for HR and managers. In this episode, Will talks about how to win the talent war with the right job offer.

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7 November-2019

Ep. 6 – Listen to This Before Working for a Software Startup

Years of hiring have taught us that salespeople may or may not find software startups a good fit. In this episode, Will explains why, what to expect, and what startups can do to find qualified salespeople.

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30 October-2019

Ep. 5 – Ghosting at Work: Why Employers and Job Candidates Ghost Each Other

Ghosting is a term you might hear about in the dating world, but now we’re hearing about it in the professional realm. In this episode, Will and George talk about ghosting at work — by both employers and candidates.

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17 October-2019

Ep. 4 – Creating the Right Job Offer in a Competitive Market

In a candidate’s market, how can you compete with a healthy job offer? Do employee perks matter or is it all about salary?

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19 September-2019

Ep. 2 – How to Find a Good Recruiter

In this episode, Will talks about the positives and negatives of hiring a recruiter, whether you’re a company or someone searching for your next job.

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