Talent Acquisition

Finding top-notch candidates for sales, marketing, client/customer success, and any revenue-impacting roles is challenging. While there are certainly fantastic team members out there waiting to be found, the tricky part is narrowing down the field to the ones that best fit your skills and experience requirements, company values, and attitudinal and work ethic desires.

From entry-level to executive search, BRC can provide fast, targeted recruiting access to the human capital you need to raise company revenue. The right candidates for your open sales, marketing, and success roles may not be looking right now – or reading your online job postings – but we are probably already talking to them. And if not, we know how to find them. Quickly.

Our existing candidate network is deep and expansive (20+ years in the making), and our access to talent is unlimited. From our ability to independently source hidden candidates to our access to a robust network of recruiting industry partners, we can unlock doors to whatever human capital you seek on a local, regional, national, and international level.

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Sales Consulting & Training

Nearly every business can benefit from sales consulting support. Maybe you are the CEO of a small company, but you are not a salesperson by trade. You have something incredible to offer the world, but you lack the know-how and the career experience necessary to take it to market and/or to sell it successfully. Maybe you have a salesperson – or salespeople – on your team suffering through underperformance. Maybe you have another sales-related problem that you just cannot effectively self-diagnose, but you know there’s a problem because revenue is not headed in the right direction …

Only 3% of consumers trust sales reps, which means you’ve got an uphill battle from the start. Almost 40% of sales reps say prospecting is the most challenging (and undesirable) part of the job. How do you overcome these hurdles? Do your prospects want to listen, and will your salespeople work hard enough to be heard?

BRC can review your situation, whether it’s just you or your entire sales staff, and we will help uncover where the problems lie. With our team of revenue-related experts, we can dig into the entire sales situation:

  • Prospecting
  • Qualification
  • Working Leads Through the Pipeline
  • Overcoming Objections
  • Closing Deals

Not only can we attack and begin to help resolve your sales-related issues, but we can also provide the necessary consulting guidance and training needed to help get you and your team back on track for raising revenue.

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Recruiting Pipeline Management

Identifying talent takes a lot of time – precious time you and/or your internal team may not have. Most companies find that they can fairly easily create an online flow of incoming resumes for their set of open jobs. But the average online posting attracts hundreds of resumes. Your internal recruiting staff (if you even have those folks aboard) are often overwhelmed with the work of sifting through the mass of applicants. Is that time being well-spent? If you don’t have HR or Recruiting expertise on staff, should your hiring managers be spending their limited time reading resumes, when the overwhelming majority are not viable?

If you have access to applicants but need help cutting through all of the resume noise to find that critical, hirable talent, BRC can help. Not only can we oversee, manage, and screen your incoming talent pipeline, we can augment it with our own candidates so that you are certain to see only the best candidates available in the market. When called upon for pipeline management, BRC will:

  • Review all of your incoming applicant flow.
  • Provide uniform screening across all qualified candidates.
  • Reach out to candidates that are not a fit and make sure that everyone receives a response.
  • Help to make sure that only the most viable options make it into your interview funnel.

Save time, reduce pain, improve your external candidate experience image, and shorten time-to-hire.

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