BRC Podcast

We’re all looking to Raise Our Revenue, whether we’re considering our personal career moves and examining how to increase earning potential, or we’re figuring out how best to hire and develop revenue-generating team members to help accelerate company revenue growth. That’s why we convene here – to talk about the ways job seekers, company executives, and hiring managers can each successfully impact revenue generation.

2 October-2019

Ep. 3 – Revenue-Generating Resumes

As a recruiter for many years, Will has seen zillions of resumes. He offers the real deal for job seekers: what your resume needs — and what it doesn’t.

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15 September-2019

Ep. 1 – What is Connectworking?

Will explains the concept of “Connectworking” — and how it differs from networking. We’ll examine this concept for both hiring managers and job seekers.

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