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17 July-2019

7 Job Perks Ranked: How Companies Win the Talent War with the Right Offer

Hiring managers, along with internal and external recruiters, are trying to figure out how to get the best possible people into the interview process, as well as how to put together the most attractive offers possible. There’s very little more frustrating in the world of talent acquisition than losing an ideal hire at package negotiation phase.

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5 September-2019

Podcast Introduction: What is Raise Your Revenue?

Introducing our new podcast for job seekers and hiring managers, whether you’re seeking to reach new career goals or increase your company’s revenue with a great hire.

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24 July-2019

Elements of a Strong Resume

People often ask us about their resumes and what makes a “good” resume. Layout and design are a large part of that, but also the wording you choose and the numbers you include.

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10 July-2019

Is Your Work-Life Flexibility a Deal Breaker for a New Job?

Previously, work-life balance and remote flexibility were not critical factors in the new job negotiation dynamic. Now, they come up long before the offer.

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19 June-2019

Avoid These Resume Mistakes that Get Yours Tossed in the Trash

Some resume mistakes will absolutely remove you from the running. Many of these are no-brainers, but as a recruiter, I see these all the time.

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5 June-2019

Barfield Revenue Consulting (BRC) Launching Podcast for Job Seekers, Recruiters, and Hiring Managers

Our goal is to help job seekers raise their revenue with a new job while helping companies hire fantastic team members to boost revenue there.

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21 May-2019

The Communication Gap in Hiring: In a Candidates’ Job Market, Why are Hiring Managers so Picky? How can Job Seekers Win?

People looking for a job often assume that an online applicant screening software is the reason they haven’t heard back from a company. But there is a lot more going on.

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5 May-2019

5 Job Hunting Tips for New Graduates

Some people start work soon after college graduation, but not everyone finds that perfect fit. Read these job hunting tips as you begin applying.

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25 April-2019

CEO Will Barfield Shares Thoughts on Two Years of BRC Sales Recruiting

Barfield Revenue Consulting started two years ago next month (May 2017). With that in mind, we thought we’d interview CEO Will Barfield about his work these past two years and what he has learned.

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