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15 October-2019

Why an Internal Hiring Manager or HR Team Would Hire a Third-Party Recruiter

We get asked quite frequently, “Why should I pay a fee to a recruiter instead of handling the hiring myself?” Fair question. It most often comes down to the monetary value of time.

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1 October-2019

Why You Need to Know About the Fall Sales Job Cycle

As we say goodbye to summer and shift into autumn, we are coming to a critical period of the year for both companies and job seekers.

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18 September-2019

Job Hopping! How to Navigate this Tricky Resume Topic

Present-day employees are more likely to have a “free agent” mentality about changing jobs and their associated personal career ascension. Meanwhile, employers seem to be more frequently tackling challenging business dynamics like acquisitions, offshoring, reorganizations, and the like. 

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10 September-2019

Writing Your Job Ad: How to Attract the Most Qualified Candidates

That said, how can you write a job posting that will attract the right people without either opening the floodgates or unintentionally turning away some potentially solid prospects? It’s a delicate art.

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21 August-2019

Top 10 Steps to a Successful Interview

Job interview processes are stressful, and we field a lot of questions about the best ways to prepare for — and to execute — an interview. Most people have never received any sort of interview training, and if they are employed on a consistent basis, chances are that they don’t have a plethora of opportunities to practice.

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14 August-2019

Avoid this Mistake when Ending your Job Interview

Many job seekers heave a sigh of relief when the in-person interview is over. You’ve done it! Whatever happens, the rest is now out of your hands. As long as you can stand up, shake the person’s hand, and walk out of the room without falling over, you’re good. Right? 

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17 July-2019

7 Job Perks Ranked: How Companies Win the Talent War with the Right Offer

Hiring managers, along with internal and external recruiters, are trying to figure out how to get the best possible people into the interview process, as well as how to put together the most attractive offers possible. There’s very little more frustrating in the world of talent acquisition than losing an ideal hire at package negotiation phase.

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5 September-2019

Podcast Introduction: What is Raise Your Revenue?

Introducing our new podcast for job seekers and hiring managers, whether you’re seeking to reach new career goals or increase your company’s revenue with a great hire.

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24 July-2019

Elements of a Strong Resume

People often ask us about their resumes and what makes a “good” resume. Layout and design are a large part of that, but also the wording you choose and the numbers you include.

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10 July-2019

Is Your Work-Life Flexibility a Deal Breaker for a New Job?

Previously, work-life balance and remote flexibility were not critical factors in the new job negotiation dynamic. Now, they come up long before the offer.

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