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10 September-2019

Writing Your Job Ad: How to Attract the Most Qualified Candidates

Employers know that any standard job ad posted online will result in many (many!) resumes from people who aren’t appropriately qualified for the role. Nature of the job board beast. Yet, if you write a job posting that’s too specific and narrow, you may not find enough (or any!) candidates. As we all know, there […]

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21 August-2019

Top 10 Steps to a Successful Interview

Job interview processes are stressful, and we field a lot of questions about the best ways to prepare for — and to execute — an interview. Most people have never received any sort of interview training, and if they are employed on a consistent basis, chances are that they don’t have a plethora of opportunities […]

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14 August-2019

Avoid this Mistake when Ending your Job Interview

Many job seekers heave a sigh of relief when the in-person interview is over. You’ve done it! Whatever happens, the rest is now out of your hands. As long as you can stand up, shake the person’s hand, and walk out of the room without falling over, you’re good. Right?    Well … Regardless of […]

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17 July-2019

7 Job Perks Ranked: How Companies Win the Talent War with the Right Offer

  Companies in the Triangle region of North Carolina (and across the country!) are evaluating every competitive factor at their disposal when taking on the task of recruiting new hires. In this nationwide candidates’ market, finding and then successfully acquiring top team members is a significant challenge. We absolutely are seeing that ‘talent war” dynamic impacting […]

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21 July-2019

Is Your Work-Life Flexibility a Deal Breaker for a New Job?

Previously, work-life balance and remote flexibility were not critical factors in the new job negotiation dynamic. Now, they come up long before the offer.

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12 July-2019

Barfield Revenue Consulting (BRC) Launching Podcast for Job Seekers, Recruiters, and Hiring Managers

Our goal is to help job seekers raise their revenue with a new job while helping companies hire fantastic team members to boost revenue there.

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2 July-2019

The Communication Gap in Hiring: In a Candidates’ Job Market, Why are Hiring Managers so Picky? How can Job Seekers Win?

People looking for a job often assume that an online applicant screening software is the reason they haven’t heard back from a company. But there is a lot more going o

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20 June-2019

5 Job Hunting Tips for New Graduates

Some people start work soon after college graduation, but not everyone finds that perfect fit. Read these job hunting tips as you begin applying.

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15 June-2019

CEO Will Barfield Shares Thoughts on Two Years of BRC Sales Recruiting

Barfield Revenue Consulting started two years ago next month (May 2017). With that in mind, we thought we’d interview CEO Will Barfield about his work these past two years and what he has learned.

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10 June-2019

Avoid These Resume Mistakes that Get Yours Tossed in the Trash

Some resume mistakes will absolutely remove you from the running. Many of these are no-brainers, but as a recruiter, I see these all the time.

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